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The Glass Magician


The Glass Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

Narrated by Amy McFadden

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars

Audible Rating: 5 stars

This is the second book in The Paper Magician Trilogy. I must admit, if you have read my review on The Paper Magician, I was glad that this story had more to it. There was an actual storyline, Ceony wasn’t stuck in a never ending scene going from one ventricle in the heart to another. Between The Paper Magician and The Glass Magician, Ceony had a lot of character development. The author shows a lot of overall development as well.

I am hoping that the budding romance will move from “hints” to full on admitting that Ceony and Thane love each other. I understand that Thane cannot admit or act on his feelings for the fact that he is Ceony’s mentor and that would be wrong and is highly frowned upon. I do, however, feel that Ceony was constantly fighting herself and the feelings she has for Thane. It is almost crippling, to Ceony and to her magic. I believe that eventually it will filter through to the point of stunting her abilities. It is hard reading a book in which the protagonist is constantly going back and forth if their romantic feelings are valid and they are constantly searching out validation in their feelings from loved ones and friends.

Amy McFadden delivered amazingly, once again. I have not been disappointed yet by an audiobook that she has narrated. She is great at delivering believable emotions and making Ceony relatable. I will continue to listen to any book McFadden narrates due to the pleasurable experiences she brings!


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