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Bend Her

by Cassie Alexander

3.5 out of 5 stars

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Bend Her is a dark, fantasy, romance retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Princess Lisandra was brought to the All Beast (a beastly mage) by her father in exchange for his help. While she was there, she wanted to learn magic, and he taught her through pain and obedience. Throughout the story, she believed she was kidnapped, and Rhaim (the All Beast) never told her otherwise. Most of the story really followed around Rhaim working with the King to kill the Deathless and Lisandra struggling to learn magic. The last couple pages of the book had some spice, but really it was very mild, just a hint.

I had been waiting eagerly for my review copy. The author had been posting prints on Instagram of the characters and I really thought it was going to be deliciously steamy, so I was a little disappointed. There is a lot of world building and working on what becomes their relationship/friendship/situationship through the story. I am hoping that book 2 will lead more into them together or if it will be much of the same. I really want her to gain magic she can control…women cannot learn magic, but there is no real evidence as to why, just that they will burn up and die. But again, no evidence of this written anywhere. Finx, the little cat spider was my favorite character honestly LOL.

The book does end on a cliffhanger and book 2 does not come out until May 2023, so there is a bit of a wait. I do want to continue on with the story. My hopes is sometimes I get caught up on what I want it to be that I miss something to enjoy. A friend of mine who also reviewed this book reviewed the audiobook and she indicates the narrators were fantastic and that helped her love the book even more. So this could very much be a me thing. I wanted something more from the story, but it is hard to point me finger to what. I did like the world building. I did like to know about the battles with the Deathless they sent Rhaim out to battle. There was a short plot twist towards the end that I didn’t really expect so it gave it some nice excitement. I am very happy the author did not kill of Finx or it would be zero stars for me LOL.

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Death’s Captive

By G.K. DeRosa

3 out of 5 stars

I read this book because I realized I committed to an ARC of book 2 when I hadn’t read the first one yet. This story is about Atropos and Thanatos, and a curse put on them by Hecate and Luna to be star crossed lovers for all eternity. They are currently living as Astra and Thane. Astra is a human female while this time around Thanatos has appeared as Thane, the son of the alpha demon wolf. Just so happens, Thane sees Astra, and she is his fated mate. This is book 1 in an unfinished series. Book 2, Death’s Fate, is about to be released.

I was very confused through most of this book. Most of it was because I was not familiar with these two particular Greek myths. I know of the Three Fates, but I did not make the connection for quite a while. I felt the story was too muddled and very repetitive. The bulk of the story was the same scene over and over again until the end, which ends on a cliff hanger. I was not a fan of this story at all. I had to force myself through it so I could read my ARC.

I will mention this in my review for book 2 as well, but, maybe it is my ADHD, but I notice repetitions in words and I hone in on it like a hawk. So, I am quite honestly over the following descriptive words: azure orbs/eyes, lupine, and coalescence. Literally do not want to see them anymore. Surely there are other words…. we get it, he is a wolf and has wolfish features when he is a wolf. Again, it could be my ADHD that I noticed it way too many times.

So why did I give it 3 stars instead of lower? No, not because I was given a free ARC. I fully recognize that maybe I did not like this particular writing style, or something just didn’t connect with me. I really like Azar and the stories she has produced. I kind of got a late start with this realm, but the writing style of this book was very different from the introduction to G.K. DeRosa that I got. Reading other people’s reviews, it looks like, while it is not fully necessary, I should have read another series first to learn more about these two. There are snippets of memories throughout the story from their past times together.

There is a lot of sexual tension in the book with no explosion, and it was kind of a let down. I have read some spicier bits from her, so it was kind of a let down. It feels like DeRosa is just kind of dipping her toes in but not really ready to jump in. The one scene we had was very short and Astra tucked tail and RAN. So, that is where we are left.

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Death’s Fate

By G.K. DeRosa

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid for my review.

Death’s Fate is book 2 following, Death’s Captive. This book picks up at the cliff hanger. I will say, this book was much easier to read, and went much faster. At first it felt like it was going to be much of the same, but I liked seeing Astra and Thane come together in their own way and in their own time. All odds are against them. Fate truly is a cruel mistress. In Death’s Fate the two are on the search for Luna and Hecate to break the curse so that Thane and Astra can truly be allowed to love and be together. You learn more about their relationship from each new regeneration, and it appears in this one, it is the furthest they have gotten to the truth. Without giving spoilers, it appears a “fail safe” if you will is put into place in order to ensure it is the last go around for these two.

This book had more spicier scenes, but they are mostly almost fade to black. You get some snippets and then they are waking up. At least this time, they eventually allow themselves to love each other. I liked that the story came along better. We even get to see one of my favorite bachelors from the Kindle Vella series “Hitched Live” that is now it’s own book called Sweet Revenge (I really liked reading this one), so this made me very happy. I will forever be #TeamSlade all the way.

Once again, we see the same damn descriptive words CONSTANTLY- azure orbs, lupine, and coalescence. I mean it felt like every page. It becomes all I can focus on. I will continue on with this series. After getting past the first book, I enjoyed book 2 much better and felt like I was starting to finally connect with the different characters. Once they start putting the pieces of their history together, it takes off for me. In this story, it really does feel like they are going to make it….or are they? Get your copy of Death’s Fate on February 1st! As a warning, book 2 absolutely also ends on a cliffhanger, so be prepared for that! Per Amazon, it looks like the third book may release April 25, 2023.

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Shattered Vow

By Eva Chase

5 out of 5 stars

Shattered Vow is the first book in the Shadowblood Souls series by Eva Chase. This book follows a group of captives who are forced to train together, caged, and not allowed to live a “normal” life. The story follows a female character (Riva) and five males. After a tragic incident, they get separated. Four years later, Riva makes her way back her men, but do they accept her back?

This is the first in a series, with book 3 coming out in February 2023. While it is a romance read, it is not spicy. It is very slow burn and the only sexy scene occurs much later towards the end of the book. I am not usually a bully romance reader. I tend to stay away from them as much as possible, because I am just not a fan. I will say, I did still enjoy this book. I had hoped for something a little more grander than the incident that kind of set everyone straight again. I thought Jacob’s treatment of Riva for majority of the book was too much and felt forced. Even with this, I still enjoyed the book. I really liked Riva’s character. She was very strong and put up with a lot of shit from these guys without ever faltering. The one sex scene that occurs was okay, I wouldn’t say it was the spiciest I have ever read, but was written well. I wish there was a little more information on the “marking” that happened, but maybe it comes in a later book, since at that point in the story, the characters still did not know what they truly were.

The characters are all part human and part monster. They are trained very hard to highlight and strengthen their gifts. They eventually break out of captivity and set across country to try and find the former head of the program to get answers. All they all want is answers and to be free. Along the way, each person has their own growth development. The story is told from multiple POVs, however, the main POV is usually Riva.

This book does end on a cliffhanger, and boy is it a doozie. The book starts out when they are about 16 years old when they are separated and picks up around 20 years old. During that time, each character had new “powers” show through that were further developed. Riva keeps hers pretty close to her chest as she does not know much about it or how to control it, so when she finally does show it off… is very intense. I could not help but smile and laugh all the way through the scene. I really wish I could have seen those guys’ faces afterwards. I am looking forward to reading book 2 to see how they felt about it!

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A Girl Walks Into a Bar

A Girl Walks Into a Bar by Helena S. Paige

Rating: 3 Stars


A Girl Walks Into a Bar is a choose your own adventure for adults. I found this book when searching for something for the prompt “choose your own adventure” in the 2019 PopSugar Reading Challenge.

My only real experience with choose your own adventure books was when I was younger with some of the Goosebumps books. I never was really into them, because what if I chose wrong? This book kind of felt like that. You can select what the character does. Sometimes when you select, the book basically tells you no and sends you back to select something else. I would skim through some of the different scenarios, but ended up seeing one fully through, and it was weird.

The book itself wasn’t horrible, it just didn’t blow me away either. I could go back and see through some of the other scenarios the rest of the way, but they seemed to lead to a disappointing night, at least in the one I went with, my character got laid by a rock star with drawn on fake tattoos who wanted her to pee on him (don’t worry, the book basically makes the character ghost the rocker after that). It could be worse. One scenario had her teaching a hot, young bartender all about the birds and the bees with his own private lesson and him failing miserably. There was also a scenario where she was invited to a photo exhibit that was vaginas that looked like flowers. So…up to you really and what you are in the mood for.

This book has adult content, so if that is not what you want, I wouldn’t suggest it. But if you are looking to rekindle your childhood nostalgia and give a choose your own adventure a try as an adult, this one isn’t horrible, depending on which adventure you want to go on.

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Dead Over Heels

Dead Over Heels by Theresa Braun

Rating: 5 stars


I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. 


Dead Over Heels is a short story, roughly 30-40 pages long. Unlike most short stories I have read and reviewed, this story had a start, middle, and end. It set the stage of the story, had a climax, and then ended leaving me with a “What the?” feeling. It is mind boggling how much information was packed into this story! The flow was smooth and easy to read. You root for the main characters because you want them to be a success, but also know, because of the type of book and the title, something bad is coming their way. All you can do is hope for the best.

Dead Over Heels is about Veronica and her journey to find love. She lights a hoodoo candle that is supposed to bring her true love…shortly after, here comes Sebastian, poor guy, I feel really bad for the end of the stick he got in this story. I feel if I give any further description, it will be spoilers, and this book is worth the read. That ending though!

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Earl of Sunderland

Earl of Sunderland by Aubrey Wynne.

Rating: 5 stars

I received a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.

Earl of Sunderland is book 4 in the Wicked Earls Club series. It is not necessary to have read any of the other books to read this one. Each book is written by a different author. At the moment there appear to be 12 books in the series.

This story is initially about Carson, the heir to the Falsbury estate. He does not wish to be the Earl and tries to get his twin brother to trade him places on his own wedding day. Carson did not want to be married and felt he was not fit to be Earl, but that his brother Christopher “Kit” was. Carson married Eliza, cousin of Grace. The story takes place between the perspectives of Kit and Grace.

During a night of debauchery, Carson is killed in an accident, leaving Eliza to be sent back to her abusive father. During the decision of sending her back, it was discovered she was pregnant with Carson’s child, deciding that Eliza would stay with the Falsbury family, who loved her as their own daughter. Kit was now the new heir until the gender of the child was known.

Grace had met Kit at Eliza’s wedding but had not seen him for many months since that time. Eliza wrote to Grace in need of family to visit, and Grace uprooted the estate she was caring for since her mother’s death to be there for her. At the Falsbury estate, she was reintroduced to Kit, and the magic kept the story going.

Earl of Sunderland is a sweet, historical romance to brighten any heart. By the end, I was teary-eyed and touched by the story. I look forward to the next installment and am happy there will be another featuring this family. It makes me interested in reading about the other Earls in the series as well.

The pace starts out a little slow, but once Grace, her father, and her brother arrived at the Falsbury’s it picks up. I have hopes maybe Lord Boldon will have a story with the Lady Rafferton, as there seemed to be a hint of possibility there.

I did not take stars away for this next part, because it did not take away from the story, but there were a couple of typos in the book.

I highly suggest giving this book a read. I don’t read sweet romances very often so it was a nice little break. I read 70% of the book in one sitting because I simply could not put it down. All of the characters were great. I loved little Sammy especially. His antics always made me laugh.

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An Innocent Ride


Innocent Ride by Alethea Robertson

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars


I was provided a free copy for an honest review.

Innocent Ride is about young woman named Candace who is looking for her Romeo. Her Happily Ever After. She goes to a witch to have her Astrology read. Shortly after she comes into contact with 2 men, one of which she feels an instant connection with and the other she feels nothing but friendship.

During the story, Candace goes through many trials and tribulations where her feelings are tested and she is challenged to change her ideals on love and life. The reason I gave the story 4 stars is mainly because I felt some characters could have been more defined and situations better explained. For instance, Robbie confused me the whole time. I get that the connection was supposed to be magical, but his mood swings are never fully developed. Eventually you find out what is wrong with Robbie, but I felt like when those particular moody instances happened, it was a bit of a turn off because there was no follow up for majority of the book. The back and forth with the emotions for Candace was a tad whiny after a while. Now, I totally understand what it feels like to be heart broken and question another person’s feelings and motives, but it felt like half of the book was this scenario.

This book is lighthearted, quick to read, and unique. The main premise really holds around motorcycles and riding with her “prince.” I found myself engrossed with Candace and her determination to achieve her dream. I enjoyed the other characters as well. Oliver was definitely a favorite!!! I bumped the rating up on Goodreads because I felt that the book was original. There are not many scenes in the story, but that is okay. The descriptions were well done and I still enjoyed the entire story regardless of how the back and forth feelings made me feel.

This my first book by Alethea Robertson and I will definitely read more of her books in the future.

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Kick The Candle

Kick The Candle

Kick The Candle by Genevieve Jack

Narrated by Brittany Pressley

Goodreads Rating: 4 Stars

Narration Ration: 5 Stars

Kick the Candle  is the second installment of the Knight Games series by Genevieve Jack. Kick the Candle  was a great follow up to the first book The Ghost and the Graveyard in that a lot of issues were resolved, and new issues presented itself.

This riveting follow up had the right amount of every element needed to make a successful paranormal romance: steamy sex scenes; horrible scary monsters; the friendly big bad wolf; a lot of asskicking action, and a whole lot of suspense. Listening to the book had me intrigued throughout the book, though I will admit, the beginning started too slow for me. I listened to the last 3 hours of the book on a work trip, in which I was driving, and let me say, if you plan on listening to this book, do not drive a vehicle!!! I kept gasping and clenching my steering wheel trying to maintain control over the car!

I gave it 4 stars because I did feel that some concepts were over sold or dragged out. There were times I felt Grateful was too whiny. This is not a YA, and not NA either. It is a woman who has made some bad love decisions, discovering she is a witch reborn over centuries, and trying to come to terms with her Caretaker. I understand that is a lot to hold on her shoulders, but no need to beat a dead horse.

My favorite character in this book is Poe, her Raven familiar. I thought he was fantastic. His wit and charm is catchy, while also maintaining his heroic ferocity! I also enjoyed the newer characters that were “hidden” in the first book. I found the Leprechaun very entertaining, even if he was the bad guy.

I do not want to give away the end, but I am happy with how it ended. I am curious and excited for the next installment and what the next adventure will be with Grateful and her delicious Caretaker, Rick.

I highly recommend the series, and if you like Audiobooks, I equally suggest listening. Pressley is a great narrator. She strives to create a voice profile for each character that is enamoring and charming, striving to match the character’s personality.

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Mermen by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars

Mermen, a paranormal romance, is about two individuals (unknown to each other) who get lost at sea in various accidents and show up on an island that NO ONE knows about. The island is alive, has magical healing powers, and the men that live on the island are descendants of the first beings that came out of the ocean and turned into humans. Liv, the leading lady, is found drifting just off the island by one of the resident mermen. Liv is saved by Roen, who was stranded on the island from a helicopter crash, who happened upon the strong man dunking Liv’s face in the ocean water. The two become inseparable and Roen starts wanting to stake his own claim on her.

The rest of the story is basically Roen trying to find a way to get Liv off the Island and save her life. The story ends on a cliffhanger…one bad enough that I had to get book 2…I will probably start it soon.

The romance is there, but it is more like a day dream or thought, and not an actuality. There was only 1 scene where there was some kind of contact. I do like Roen, and I really hope Roen and Liv make it through the end. (This is not a spoiler FYI).

This book is a quick, short, read and flowed pretty smoothly, even if some parts were repeated over and over again.  It was pretty good, my first book from this author. I bought one of her books in 2014 when I first got to Texas, and now I am intrigued at reading it and other works of hers.