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Hunted By Herne


Hunted by Herne by Stella Inox

Goodreads rating: 3 Stars

I happened upon the second book in this series that was up for grabs for a review. So, I decided to read the first one so that maybe I could get my hands on a copy of the sequel. This book was a quick read and was very different. Herne the Hunter is a horned god of sorts in English Folklore.

Carin, a brilliant thief, prepared a job for weeks to get into a hidden vault in the basement of a museum. When she is finally able to crack the vault open, she sees a tree inside instead of the jewels and gold she had been hoping for. She goes in, and a golden collar is placed around her neck. As she continues walking through, Herne greets her. Herne is supposed to be gorgeous, Fae, loaded with the promise of sex until death. After some witty banter, wet panties, and Fae teasing, Herne explained that she was to run and he would catch her and kill her. He taunted her on this brief hunt. He chased her right up to his house. He convinced her to allow him to have his way with her until the sun came up, she did. The sex scene was pretty damn good to be honest. The next morning, he asked her to be his slave for the rest of her life. She eventually consented; she knew she was not getting out of this Otherworld ever.

I won’t give away the ending; you will have to experience that for yourself. I will warn you, it is a doozie.

I gave this book 3 stars because even though it was short, I felt there was too much emphasis on the beginning of the book in her preparations of robbing the museum vault and not other aspects of the story. I felt, as the title states Hunted, more would be included about the hunt. The hunt only lasted a chapter or two, followed by sex, sex and more sex, followed by an ending that will blow your brains out. A little more information and development on Herne would have been great as well. I felt like I knew Carin pretty well, but it was hard to understand Herne’s perspective aside from his arrogance and narcissism. Watching him taunt Carin wasn’t as fun when I didn’t know much about Herne to begin with. If you do know about English Folklore such as Herne, you may enjoy this book a little more. I just didn’t get it.

One last thing, I never usually judge cover art on a review, but that cover is just awkward. It looks like a bad photoshop of horns to a supposedly handsome man. If you read this book, the description of Herne does not match that cover. I found myself staring at it often trying to figure out what it was supposed to prove, show and why it was so awkward.


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