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Craving Her Biker


Craving Her Biker by Juniper Leigh

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars.

As I am sitting here thinking about how to write a review on this story, I realize that I don’t 100% remember much about the story; which leads me to wonder how in the world I gave it 3 stars. I believe the sex scene where her and her somewhat husband/ex/estranged lover are driving home from the hospital and they stop on the side of the road and he takes her right there…outside of the truck, with her bent over the driver’s seat. I think that is the one scene that made me give it a higher rating. This book was a quick read. Kind of boring, sometimes didn’t really understand what was going on or what was the purpose. It is the first in a series. Maybe in the next part more is clarified. There are a lot of holes and this story is in serious need of character and plot development.


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