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Teach Me Something New


Teach Me Something New pt 1 by Summer Olsen

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

Currently, a really big trend in the romance genre is the subgenre of BDSM. Though this genre is not new, thanks to 50 Shades, this subgenre is getting more notice. Teach Me Something New Pt. 1 is no different in this trend.  It is a relatively Free short story, ends on a cliffhanger, making you purchase all of the other parts (which at this time I have not…). The whole premise of the story is Lucy is in Grad School. She decides to take a literature class as to observe and she meets the most delicious professor. She doesn’t take things seriously, talks out of turns, and berates other students. After class, she goes to the professor’s office; notices that the door is unlock and snoops around. She finds some BDSM type magazines in his desk drawer. This gets her wheels going, she begins fantasizing at home, and researching everything she can about BDSM and what it might be like. To make a short story shorter, Professor McDelicious starts taking notice in her, reading “smut” books she suggests, and then, to top it all off…he starts becoming her Dom…very slowly.

There weren’t any spectacular scenes. No smutty, slutty sexy scenes. Some spankings of course, because let’s face it, Lucy is NOT a good little girl, if you catch my drift. Through the story she is given “tests” and “Tasks.” The author slowly builds up a heat, but offers no release in this part. I will eventually get around to reading the others. I am hoping this story offers some promise and will deliver on the budding heat between Lucy and her delicious professor.


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