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Claiming Their Royal Mate, pt. 1


Claiming Their Royal Mate pt 1 by Andie Devaux

Narrated by Carly Robins

Goodreads rating: 3

Audible rating: 3.5 stars

Does anyone here share accounts with their parents? (Amazon Prime…Netflix…Audible?) Yes? Maybe you will understand my struggle. About a year ago, I got my mom ridiculously addicted to audiobooks. My mom loved books, but she never has time to sit and read them (which is funny because she will sit and listen to an 8 hour book in one session…) So, we started listening to some audiobooks together when we would drive to work (we carpooled). She buys audiobooks all the time on my account, and then tells me, she is enhancing my library. I believe my Audible Wishlist has roughly 22 pages. Do you know how many pages the books I want take up? 3. So, during a recent sale Audible had, I went looking for some books I wouldn’t mind giving a go. Claiming Their Royal Mate happened to be one of those books. I couldn’t remember placing this book on my list, and I figured given the subject matter, my mom was the one who did it. So I purchased it.

Now, I like a good shifter book, I am not sure why, but I love the sex appeal. It is a big reason that shifter paranormal books do so well in today’s market. What I don’t like, are somewhat confusing shifter books. A little information on this book: girl was adopted, girl grows into a woman, girl lives next door to guy and becomes friends, girl likes guy, guy suddenly starts to be an asshole, girl starts hating guy, girl suddenly has sexual urges she cannot resist, girl goes to guy and guy explains it is because she is a powerful alpha female and she is going through the “transition.” Girl doesn’t believe guy. Guy shows her he is a shifter. Guy feeds girl’s sexual needs. Girl falls in love with guy. Guy falls in love with girl but explains he cannot mate her because she is promised to alpha male in pack. Alpha male shows up. Alpha male notices that girl has been mated by guy. Alpha male wants to fight to the death for girl. Girl has none of this. The three of them come up with some bargain to share her (alpha male gets her for breeding since she is a purebred like himself). It is after all, for the good of the pack. Later, guy gets kidnapped. Book ends.

Now, I know I gave some spoilers, and I know this is “part 1,” however…predictable. Sexy scenes are what gave this story a higher rating. Narrator’s voice you had to get used to but once you do, it’s alright. So, why is it confusing? The book just didn’t make sense to me. I feel this story line is played out so much that there was nothing new added to this particular genre that hasn’t been done MULTIPLE times before. Will I continue on? Maybe if there is another sale or my mom buys the rest of the series…


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