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Son of the Mob


Rating: 4 stars

Audiobook rating: 5 stars, Narrator: Max Casella

It seems like I have listened to more books than read lately, but with my current job, I need something to entertain me during the day. This story definitely brought the entertainment! I have to say, this book is one of those I don’t think I would have enjoyed as much if I had read it on my own. This book was made enjoyable by Max Casella.

This book is about Vince Luca, a high school student and the son of a major mob boss. Vince doesn’t want anything to do with his dad’s “legitimate” business endeavors. However, through a series of unfortunate events, Vince finds himself in the heart of his dad’s organizations!

This book is almost like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, but no suicides or deaths. Vince starts dating the daughter of the very FBI agent that has been trying to lock his dad up for the past few years. All the while, Vince does his best not to tell his new love who his dad is. Vince always hated being judged because of who his father was. All the while, Vince becomes a bookie without realizing it thanks to his older brother, the go to guy for those who owe his dad money, a normal boyfriend and the finder of the snitch infiltrating his father’s organization.

Max Casella made the entire book enjoyable. He nailed that New York/Italian accent that sucked you into the story line. I found myself laughing my ass off the whole way through this story. I am not saying it is the best thing I have ever read, but Max Casella made an okay book an awesome book.


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