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The Forager


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I have started getting more and more into reading dystopian novels. I think when it comes to dystopian, there is a lot of creative avenues that can be taken. It almost doesn’t really matter the setting. You can create your own setting and your own reason for why the world ended, and you can’t really be wrong.

The Forager is no different. One thing I liked about this book is that, unlike some dystopians that use a mass war or environmental event, Ron Scheer used what could happen if the economy crashed and the value of the dollar became moot. It is scary, but our dollar is already not doing so well. So it made it that more interesting to learn while reading about what happened to the world when the economy crashed.

I did have a few minor issues…I don’t know if maybe I just missed it somehow or it wasn’t really explained, but I had no general idea of where this town was located in the story. I feel like it is situated somewhere in the mid-west, but I also can kind of visualize rural Pennsylvania. I also had a hard time visualizing majority of the characters. Reading this, I will tell you a few characters I could visualize and how I visualized them:

1. The Forager—Jeff Bridges
2. Frank- The Rock (not sure why, but just did)
3. The mayor—Anthony Hopkins
4. Millie- the mother from the movie Master in Disguise.

At first, this book starts kind of slow, but once everything happens, it picks up. Before I knew it I was 30 pages away from the end and wondering how in the world everything was going to happen that needed to. The ending was predictable, and I felt like I could have used more conflict, but overall, for a first book, it was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Structurally, there are some periods missing. All that said, I think it is an enjoyable read. It is original, and original is always welcomed and nice when so many books within a genre are almost the same.


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