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If I stay


Rating: 5 stars

Audiobook rating: 5 stars, Narrator: Kirsten Potter

This review will be short and to the point because if I say too much, I will give everything away.

I recently saw in one of my Goodreads groups that this book was considered “over-hyped.” I have to say that crushed me a little. I have come to realize, that there are stories I like because I listen to them through audibook instead of read them. Some narrators just captivate me and from the beginning. This book is one such book. I think I still would have liked it if I read it, but maybe not as much. I know everyone has different opinions, and I respect that. A book I love and give a high rating to, you may not like at all.

This book is a complete tear jerker and completely original. I have not read a book from the perspective of someone in a coma watching and hearing everyone around them and trying to decide if they want to stay or move on. I liked how the main character, Mia, has flashbacks of her life. The accident pretty much happens at the get go, so these flashbacks are the only way to connect with any of the characters.

This book is another book I think is more enjoyable as an audiobook. Kirsten Potter’s inflections were exactly right. She brings the right amount of emotions at the appropriate times.

All I can say is this-don’t listen to this book at work like I made the mistake of doing! Also, have tissue. And finally…I hope the movie brings this tragic story to life respectfully. This book is worth the read. Even if you find you didn’t like it, the experience of such beautiful writing is something you need to go through. Even more so through audiobook!


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