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Susan Ee is a GENIUS.

AngelfallWorld After

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Both books

I have heard so many good things about Angelfall. It was constantly being recommended for me to read, so I finally obtained a copy and read it. In one day.

Every now and then, I am truly captivated by what I read. I mean OBSESSIVELY captivated. I am trying to find where to even start with this review. It was so good, I have no words other than to tell you to read it. Immediately.

This story is not just your typical angel romance…in fact…I can’t even say there is any romance in there…well maybe a smidgen of lust ;). I LOVED Penryn’s character. She was strong. She is a survivor in every meaning of the term. And..I LOVE Raffe, who is actually the archangel Raphael. He is arrogant. He is an asshole. But he is an observer. He cages his feelings and emotions to protect those around him. I loved watching Raffe and Penryn grow close. Watching Raffe learn that not all humans (“monkeys”) were bad. Penryn has such a loyalty. Even when all hope was lost, and most of us would just give up, she kept going. Kept moving, kept pushing. Learning to trust the angel that came and helped destroy the world as we know it.

The only downfall is that these books are released every other year, with book 3 being released May 2015. I HATE waiting…so, if you are wanting to read this series, I would keep that in mind.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this series. The subject matter touched on paranormal, angels, a slight touch of lust, strong characters, violence, hatred, loyalty….it has everything I like in a story. They were well written, imaginative and fresh. There is no way I could write a review to give this series justice. Just take my word for it and read it. Check it out on Goodreads if you need anything else to help sway you.


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