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My rating: 4 stars

Since I enjoyed Rule so much (see previous review) I decided to go ahead and continue on with the series. Jet is book 2 in this series. Jet focuses on Jet Keller and Ayden Cross. Ayden is Shaw’s best friend and roommate in Rule. Jet is a friend of Rule’s who is the lead singer and guitarist for a local band.

I did enjoy this book, but sadly not as much as Rule. Sure, Jet and Ayden have their own issues that they have to work through. These issues cause them to almost push each other completely away. They both have to get their shit together. I feel like some parts of this story was a bit forced. I was a little caught off guard what their ultimate decision was with their relationship’s viability, but I wasn’t really disappointed either.

I like that in this installment, we get to go deeper into the pasts of Jet and Ayden. In Rule, it was barely touched on for Ayden during a conversation with Shaw. We get to meet other characters as well such as Ayden’s lovely psychopath brother and Jet’s alcoholic has been father.

Where this story missed for me was the sex scenes. I felt like they were a bit boring, and there was too much implied. Sure, there were a few scenes that were WHOA, but the others just fell short.

From my understanding, this book fell short for a lot of readers in this series. A lot of readers like the other books out more than this one.


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