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A List of Cages


A List of Cages by Robin Roe

Goodreads Rating: 5 stars


When I heard about A List of Cages I knew I HAD to read it. I received this book on January 13, 2017 and finished it in one sitting.

A List of Cages broke me to my very core. It strips away everything you feel, to the barest of raw emotion and then squeezes your heart until it feels like it is caving in on you. This story is about a boy who the system failed and broke and his journey to strength.

I have been struggling with this review for a while, because, what words can I say that will express what is this book? There are a lot of negative reviews on this book, but I work in this EVERY SINGLE DAY. I see these broken children. This book is a must to put to light the failures in the system.

My suggestion is to read this book. This pain is a necessary evil. I hope Robin Rowe has other books in the works.


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