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An Innocent Ride


Innocent Ride by Alethea Robertson

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars


I was provided a free copy for an honest review.

Innocent Ride is about young woman named Candace who is looking for her Romeo. Her Happily Ever After. She goes to a witch to have her Astrology read. Shortly after she comes into contact with 2 men, one of which she feels an instant connection with and the other she feels nothing but friendship.

During the story, Candace goes through many trials and tribulations where her feelings are tested and she is challenged to change her ideals on love and life. The reason I gave the story 4 stars is mainly because I felt some characters could have been more defined and situations better explained. For instance, Robbie confused me the whole time. I get that the connection was supposed to be magical, but his mood swings are never fully developed. Eventually you find out what is wrong with Robbie, but I felt like when those particular moody instances happened, it was a bit of a turn off because there was no follow up for majority of the book. The back and forth with the emotions for Candace was a tad whiny after a while. Now, I totally understand what it feels like to be heart broken and question another person’s feelings and motives, but it felt like half of the book was this scenario.

This book is lighthearted, quick to read, and unique. The main premise really holds around motorcycles and riding with her “prince.” I found myself engrossed with Candace and her determination to achieve her dream. I enjoyed the other characters as well. Oliver was definitely a favorite!!! I bumped the rating up on Goodreads because I felt that the book was original. There are not many scenes in the story, but that is okay. The descriptions were well done and I still enjoyed the entire story regardless of how the back and forth feelings made me feel.

This my first book by Alethea Robertson and I will definitely read more of her books in the future.


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