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The Truth About Cinderella


The Truth About Cinderella, by Steven Goodwin, Narrated by Ian Barker

Goodreads Rating: 5 stars

Narrated Rating: 5 stars


I received this Audiobook in exchange from Audiobook Blast Dot Com by the author/publisher/narrator in exchange for my honest review.

The book lasts about 12 minutes. It is about Ella and her trickery.  No one was safe from Ella’s antics, including her sisters, the Prince, and Paul (another boy she fancied).  The sisters were trying to get even with Ella for all the problems she causes for them, but then they messed up and decided they really couldn’t kill their sister. In this story, the sisters are good and Ella is bad.

It was wonderfully narrated, and the rhyming was really fun. It was a very short book/quick listen.


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