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Taken by the Minotaur


Taken by the Minotaur by Isabel Dare

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

I want to give a fair warning. If you are super conservative, against homosexuality, against any sort of non-straight laced erotica (not sure if that is a thing lol) or anything that it is outside of the box…don’t read any further. Thanks!

LMAO! Okay…I don’t read Gay erotica very often. And it is not because I am not a fan of it, I just have a hard time finding some that I can enjoy the way it seems a lot of other straight women seem to enjoy it (Though, I have found some!). Maybe it is just my taste. So I came across this particular free book. Seemed interesting enough…

Theseus basically volunteers to be a sacrifice in an attempt to stop a yearly sacrifice to the minotaur. The others being sacrificed are freed and Theseus sneaks through the labyrinth via the path that has been laid out for him where he goes into the minotaur’s lair. Upon reaching the lair, he discovers that the minotaur does not eat the sacrifices, but literally sexes them to death and since the other sacrifices are not there, the minotaur states that Theseus will have to take it all. So…basically…had this been a real legit story, based on sex scenes that occurred, the minotaur was so endowed, Theseus would have been broken. When I say broken, I mean, internal bleeding, broken jaw, broken everything. I think that is why I gave it a 3 stars. I felt that the story would have gone somewhere fun. For me, as gross as it sounds, but for comparison reasons, it would be like searching for YouTube videos of people attempting sexytimes with horses and finding and reading articles of horse sexytimes gone wrong. Because of the massive unlikeliness, I just couldn’t.

With that being said. I want to point out, I have no problem reading any kind of paranormal romance or erotica. It is not that I cannot separate fiction or enjoy fiction, because I enjoy it all the time. It was mainly the disproportionality that I have an issue with. It also takes away from the sexiness and funness from the story when the main character is raped and then begins suffering from Stockholm syndrome all in 22 pages!


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