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Fifty Shades of Alice


Rating: 3 stars

Where do I begin with this book? First, yes…you are looking at the cover correctly. The cover is what most enticed me to read this book (because I do in fact judge a book by it’s cover).  The description of this book held a little bit of promise and I was ready to give it a go.

The sex scenes in this book were pretty good. I thought the safewords were funny but inappropriate (which was the point).  I had serious issue with Alice. She was young, around 18 years old. Very “new” to everything in life, which is fine…however…even when I was 18, I wasn’t this naive. Alice was very annoying. She had a constant fear in every sex scene, very uncomfortable with her body. She even admitted a number of times that she never even touched herself because she felt dirty. It made me feel the shame she was feeling, like I was an intruder on the story. It almost seemed like Alice came from an overly religious home and she was finally discovering that sex was not evil and that she wouldn’t burn in hell for giving into her carnal desires!

This is a trilogy, I just haven’t finished it yet. I am not sure if it is at the top of my list to continue on at this time. I think that the witty humor of the other characters were enjoyable, Alice just ruined it for me.


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