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Santa’s Claws…and other short stories



So. This was interesting….Free book for amazon kindle. Would I pay for this collection of short stories? No. My rating? 2.5 stars? I didn’t even read the last story…

There are 4 short stories in this book, though the last story was included “preview” in the title so I just said eff it, I am done…

First story: Santa’s Claws: Horrible bad boy, Ryan, always in trouble. Every year he gets coal from Santa. This year, is going to be different…he will devise a plan to trick Santa into giving him presents! One problem…the girl down the road, wrote Santa that Ryan has a plan up his sleeve and she believes he should watch his back. Outcome? Santa knew about Ryan’s trick and tricked him instead…Ryan was turned into a doll and given to the girl down the road for her collection….

The second story was about a boy who made fun of the lunch lady…the lunch lady put rat poison in his food the next day.

The third story is about a family who puts a baby monitor in the baby’s room that can hook up to the tv. The older sister saw her death play out on it…she discovered it was her death when she rushed into the baby’s room to same whomever was in there, and she died.

The fourth story is about zombies. But I didn’t get to it…maybe you will enjoy it…I don’t know.

Piddly read. I wouldn’t suggest it, but if you are curious about it…it is free. So you won’t have to feel ashamed of yourself for spending money on it when it wasn’t worth it!


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