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I would love to become a mindless sleepwalker…but I have the tendency to diverge…apologies.


I have heard so much hoopla regarding this series. So many of my friends on Goodreads were dying for book three to come out. Always recommending and suggesting it. So, I used one of my free credits on Audible to listen to it. Let me tell you, that was a mistake. I do enjoy audiobooks, especially for when I was driving to work everyday, it made the drive less tedious and stressful. But Emma Galvin should NOT be a narrator. Ever. If I were to give a rating to this book based on the audiobook, it would be 2 stars. Generously.

I decided to re-read this as the book, instead of the audiobook. I still kept hearing such wonderful things about it…I decided that maybe, I didn’t enjoy it because of Ms. Galvin not being able to narrate a book in such a way it brings it to life. Amazon had Divergent on kindle for $3.99, so I said alright! Let’s do it!

It took me a couple of days to read the book, and even though I knew what was going to happen, I enjoyed it, immensely. I felt more connected to Tris and the other characters in the story line. I could feel the personalities and intricacies of the relationships much more when I read it. Some narrators are genuinely amazing, and bring a life and passion to the story that I could not have read on my own, but Emma Galvin fell short of what could have been and should have been done for Divergent.

As you can see, READ THE BOOK! Don’t listen to the audiobook!


* I LOVE Four

* I am curious about Christina…something not quite right. I feel something bad from her, but I could be wrong.

* Even though I understand why Tris has to go back and fourth with her “I am weak…no I am strong!” flip floppy personality, I still do not like the flip-floppy character sketch. I just don’t. Any book that I read that has a flip floppy character, I will say it…no matter how much I like the character, it is annoying. If you write, please stop with flip floppy nonsense! I don’t like people who are flip floppers in their personality in real life and I sure don’t want to read about it either! *end rant*

* Al disappointed me, though, I kinda saw him flaking out to begin with

* Keep your children away from Peter!

* I am glad that we do not have to decide where we want to live and what morals, values, and support system we would want to spend the rest of our life with…that would be hard. A person can’t just have ONE value system…its all of them that combine as one that guides a person to do well, unfortunately in life, there are always going to be bad apples….

* This book is all about control. Control over ourselves, and others taking control over us. I think you can apply this dystopian novel to current situations going on in the world today. I won’t tell you how or why…read the book, and see if you can figure out what I mean 🙂

At the end of the day, Veronica Roth wrote in such a way that Divergent was a quick, easy read. It didn’t have any lulls in action, reaction, or in character development. You literally got to progress with the characters as they went through initiation and training. You got to watch each of them develop into stronger people, or weaker. You got to watch some of them break, while others grew stronger. All at the same time. I give it a 4 out of 5 star rating. I am sorry..even though I recommend it, and I enjoyed it, that flip floppy character sketch prevents me from furthering it!

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