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Cold Burn of Magic



Cold Burn of Magic by Jennifer Estep

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

I received a copy of this book at the RT Booklover’s Convention in May 2015. I was super excited to get to meet Jennifer Estep as I am a HUGE fan of her Mythos Academy series. Estep is super nice and very humble.

Cold Burn of Magic is the first in the Black Blade series. Based on the first book, I am not entirely sure what the series as a whole will be or how many books. This new series has monsters and magic, but you only ever see the pixies, loch ness, and what what magic someone may or may not carry. I do think this series carries a lot of promise and that perhaps this first book is more of prepper, getting the whole of the story ready. There was some excitement and drama, but not until the last couple of chapters. I figured out who the bad guy was pretty early on. The rest of the series will, I believe, focus around the bigger picture conflict with probably some obstacles here and there. (My guess).

I only gave it 3 stars because I felt like there could have been more. More action, more monsters, more magic, more to the story,  and more of the other characters. My hope is the next books will give me the “more” that I look for in Estep’s books! I will continue on with this story, as I said before, I believe it carries a lot of promise.

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Daring by Elliott James

Goodreads Rating: 5 stars


I want to first start by saying, I LOVE this series. This is the second book in the Pax Arcana series by Elliott James. For a sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal series, it is probably one of the single most entertaining reads I have read in a while. You can check out the review for Charming here: Charmed, I’m Sure

Unlike in Charming, the Knights Templar have a bigger role. You meet more Knights, including the very head honcho who puts John Charming up to an ultimatum: his life, and his friends’ lives be spared, if he infiltrated a wolf pack, and brought a human/knights killer to justice. And by justice…he means death.

Be prepared for just as much wit, fighting, betrayal, and humor as the first book. If you make time for the books, they are pretty quick reads due to their humor and story flow. There is not a lot of stalling in the story, and everything progresses at a normal, expected speed, with not really any filler or bits of information that if removed from the story, would not have altered it. Everything part in this story was necessary for story to progress appropriately.

And like the first book, I still picture that hunk John Charming being played in my head by Joe Manganiello! mmmm mmm mm!

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The Immortal Circus (Act One and Two)


The Immortal Circus (Act One and Two) by A.R. Kahler

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

Audible Rating: 4 stars

I had to go back and see if I actually reviewed Act 1, and it doesn’t look like I did. The reviews are pretty much the same. I don’t do book reviews very much, but pinpoint a few things here and there that I like or dislike. So I guess I can do both at the same time, because both books really had the same things right and the same things wrong with them.

In both books, Vivienne is annoying, and doesn’t have a memory. In Act 2, she slowly starts gaining her memory back, but bits and pieces. None of you questions are ever answered, and at the end of each Act, you are only left with more questions. Yet, I continue with the series.

I do have to say, I would suggest LISTENING to them, Amy McFadden is a great narrator, and I have said that over and over again because if she narrates, I will generally listen instead of read.

My qualms with this series is mainly that I always felt lost in the storyline. In both books. Even after Act 2, and all the WTF moments that both Acts equally shared, I still had too many moments where I struggled to hold on to the overall story. I also hate that I wasn’t fully prepared to have my heart a little broken in Act 2, but I won’t say why.

I am still lost to the whole purpose of this story as a whole. Hopefully, the Final Act will answer all the questions, however, I feel like there is way too much that needs to be addressed before this series can end!