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Texting the Tattooist

By Flora Ferrari

Rating: 2 Stars

I enjoy a good Age Gap romance when it presents itself. I have read several, sure, they are kind of icky, but a good one is a good one. This one had a lot of potential, but, as I have said in other reviews before, some things catch my ADHD’s attention and it becomes my whole focus. This book really did my head in.

I will start with what I didn’t really care for: I like instalove, but this one felt weird. I mean it was like, weird. Red flag. The comments he would make in his mind about her virginal young body, was creepy. It is kind of hard to explain. Again, I like a good age gap, and have read ones where the age gap was the same and it was not like this. The over excessive use of the words “my man” and “my woman” every couple of sentences. For the sake of getting this review to be approved on other platforms, the fact he referred to his “member” as “helm” was off putting. Not sure how I feel about the writing style, but I have been told some books by this author is hit or miss, and while this one is a miss for me, I will try out some others to try again.

To end on positives, there were things I did like, but unfortunately, it was not enough to give it a higher rating then I did. I thought the story held promise and I really liked the idea/concept. I feel like the texting and falling in love is pretty relevant to today. I liked seeing Mia blossom. I liked him calling her Butterfly and feel that is very appropriate for her situation and who she was. I liked all the epilogues and seeing their gazillion kids and still feeling their love.

No dogs were hurt in this story, in case you are an animal lover like me…could care less about the humans LOL.


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