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Naughty Mommy and Santa’s Helpers


Naughty Mommy and Santa’s Helpers by Trinity Blacio

Goodreads Rating 5 stars

A note on how I do my book reviews, it is VERY rare I give a synopsis to a book when I review. I feel that the description provides a good summary of the book and my reviews are based on what I thought about the book giving examples. Also,

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

This is the sequel in the Naughty Angel series by Trinity Blacio. I enjoyed the continuation. I wish there were more instances with the kids. I would like to see them a bit more because they have cute personalities.

I also wish more about Sandy and Dwayne’s relationship had been explained. At the end of book 1, they were not even together, but in this book, which takes place a year later, Sandy and Dwayne are married. I also wished their relationship was more defined in the story, they are not really characters that you see too much and it is really hard for me to get a connection with either of them. .

I feel kinda bad for these 4, because it seems like they can’t catch a break. There was a little more fetish sexy times. I still have issues with Marcus and Lance. I really felt like at times they do not even let Annabelle express herself and she is supposed to keep these feelings in, and look what happened to her! Jerks. They are not my favorite men. At all. I would like some more BDSM play, and hopefully, once their lives settle down they will have more fun other than spanking and a few other things.

I read this story in one day and enjoyed it. I still love Annabelle, I loved the babies, I enjoyed the steamy scenes, and I like the development of Annabelle’s character. I am ready for the men to get an upgrade in their character development because they are asses.


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