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Crave by Erzabet Bishop

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars


I was given a copy of Crave by the author for my honest review. I was really excited to start reading Erzabet Bishop’s books. I started with Crave first. I never read the preview of the book on Goodreads, so the story line was an honest surprise.

Overall, I liked it. I liked that it was erotic, bdsm, and a suspense/crime story all in one. Linnett starts out as a sub of an apparently gorgeous Dom. One evening while waiting for her Dom to show up to their favorite BDSM club, Crave, Linnett was forced into interacting with a visiting Dom. This Dom hurt Linnett and once she was released from the hospital, she disappeared, became a cop, and then became a Domme that visited Crave masked and hidden from any of her friends. Over the 7 year period from the incident up to current, the Dom that hurt Linnett got away. Every year around that date, this Dom went to random BDSM clubs and killed a woman who looked similar to Linnett. Linnett became a police officer after the event and eventually was put on this case because she lives the lifestyle and could understand the crime scenes better than the coworkers currently working the murders.

As a mini spoiler, I ALWAYS take a star when an animal dies in the story, especially if the animal was MURDERED. When the pet is a predominant character, I deduct more stars (here’s looking at you Patrick Ness!!!!). So, I almost stopped reading when Linnett’s cat was murdered by a serial killer out searching for Linnett. Not okay.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this story. I liked the bedroom scenes, I liked the overall character sketches of each character. I am very glad of how it ended. I look forward to reading more from Erzabet Bishop!


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