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Alien Warrior Romance



Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

Narrator Rating: 2.5 Stars

I received this book from the Narrator/Author through AudiobookBlast dot com in exchange for my honest review.

First, I need to point out that this book has a lot of fowl language and sexual content. If you do not like that kind of stuff, this book is not for you.

I was a little disappointed in this story. It is based around this young college, Southern, virgin who finds a study for medical “research” and when she gets there, after a battle with her inner self, she discovers the researcher is an Alien with multiple appendages and all kinds of ways to please a woman.

I feel this book could have been good, and I was looking forward to listening to it. Here is how and where it fell short:

  1. Majority of the story was her describing how she could have lost her virginity before but it just never happened
  2. 90% of the story was her describing her upbringing, the lack of sex in the tension of her high school relationship, how she perceives her own body and only 10% was in the research lab/sex scene.
  3. All first person.
  4. The inner dialogue took away from the story
  5. The narrator. I am sure she is a good narrator, but the accent threw me for a loop. Like she was trying a bit too hard. I found myself getting distracted.
  6. I can’t even remember the sex scene. She set up the story to tell about how she lost her virginity, and I can’t remember it.

Why 3 stars? Because 2.5 on goodreads isn’t an option and I felt it was closer to 3 stars, than 2.

I had a lot of hope for this book and was really looking forward to it. I felt it had a lot of potential, but just didn’t go the direction it’s made to be heading.


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