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Happy Monsters


Happy Monsters by Uncle Amon

Goodreads Rating: 5 stars

Age Range: Early Childhood/Preschool (3-6) (it says 4-8, however I adjusted)

All of these were cute little stories! Very enjoyable. Below are some that I have taken a special liking too. I highly recommend this book for those of you that are teachers or have children 🙂 Some of these stories also have activities that you can do with your children to get them to think further on the story you have read with them.

In regards to other Amazon reviews, specifically the 2 star reviews: I am not a friend of the authors. I am a random reader that was browsing the free kindle books. This review is my own. If your children did not like it, then I am sorry to hear that. If your children did not like it because there are not a lot of pictures, then I am sorry. Not every book needs pictures, an imagination is a wonderful thing and unfortunately it is wasted a lot these days. These stories are very cute and have great meaning. These are not typical stories about nonsense, each story has its own lesson. They are very short and to the point.  This book is also free. I feel you can’t really complain about a book too much when it is free. Maybe that is just me 🙂 If the stories were completely horrible I would say so. Free or not. I would just say, hey, don’t waste your time or download space on this free book.

At the end of the book there are games and puzzles such as pictures to spot differences, mazes, and a free book download.

Argo Takes Flight

This first story was really cute. It was about a little monster named Argo who was brought with his siblings to a cliff by the ocean for their first flying lesson. Argo was so determined that he would be the best flier of all of his siblings, but it turned out, he couldn’t even fly for a second. Argo decided to give up. He wouldn’t go back out to the cliff to try, no matter how much prodding his family tried. One day his mom came in and told him he needed to keep trying. Argo had asked his mom if maybe his wings just didn’t work, his mother had a wonderful reply. His mother replied, “You’ll never know unless you try, now, will you?”

I think this story has a great lesson that was delivered in a great way for young children. So often young children give up when they do not succeed the first time, or even a second or third time. I think how Argo’s mom handled this situation was very nicely done. It is very important as parents to handle an unsuccessful first, second and third try with care but with encouragement.

Gigi Makes a Friend

I think, especially in the way things are going around us right now, this story is super important. Gigi is a garden monster and one of the rules is to never ever talk to humans because humans might hurt the garden monsters or chase them out of their homees (or even both). One day, Gigi sees a smiling little girl and just can not help herself. Gigi has to introduce herself to this little girl, so she runs out to meet her. At first the little girl is astonished, but her and Gigi become friends and play all day. After, Gigi’s parents are very upset about Gigi’s new human friend, but Gigi convinces her family to meet her new friend the next day. At first Gigi’s family is very terrified over the meeting with Gigi’s human friend, but after a while they realize how nice she is. The very last line ends ” As Gigi liked to say, ‘No matter how different we may look on the outside, we’re all alike on the inside-where it really counts!'”

Again, this story is so important right now, and I really do not think that I have to go any further as to why. If you reading this review do not know why, turn on the tv right now to any news station and you will see. Any story. Any station. Anywhere in the US, or the world for that matter. If you do not know how to teach your kids, or know the right words to express to your children on how to be like Gigi, just let them read stories like this. It will do the work, not because you aren’t a good parent or incompetent, that is not what I am saying at all, so please do not take offense. Sometimes, the job of an author, is to get a point across in a way that we as adults often can’t anymore.


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