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Exploit Me!


Exploit Me! By Nicola Diaz

Goodreads Rating: 2 stars

Audible Rating: Overall 2 Stars, Narrator Rating: 3 stars

I was given this Audiobook free for my honest review. I have not been paid in anyway for this review. This opinion is my own.

First, I want to say, the narrator, Sunny Tusker, was great, but the story was a little off for me. This is supposed to be in the realm of BDSM, and though some of the acts were BDSM, it was less D/s and more bondage and masochism. When I read the description, I guess I expected something completely different, that included more D/s in it, but there isn’t any of that at all in it.

This story actually is about a girl who gets fired from her waitress job, she then finds out she is 2 months behind on rent and will be evicted if she doesn’t cough up the cash fast. So she goes to the local coffee shop and looks at the help ads posted and comes across a bdsm type photo magazine ad. She tears the back ad page searching for new models, and the remaining part of the story are 2 live sex shows in which the boss takes photo/video. Reminds me of the Live Sex Acts club on Bourbon Streets. I have never been there…but similar concept, minus the some guy taking pictures (well I guess maybe except they have PR people that might).

It felt missing a lot. I believe this story continues on, but I am not sure how promising it feels. The flow of the story was a reflection. It starts out with Kelly going out on stage for a show and she is reflecting back on how she got her start. The bondage scenes were not very hard and could use a little more excitement. More character description would help as well. It is hard to visualize what is going on when you do not really know what the characters look like.


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