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Dinner for Three


Dinner for Three by Neneh Gordon

Goodreads Rating: 1 star

This book. I am not even quite sure where to start with this book. Basically, Julie’s two boyfriends are going to meet for the very first time in order to see if the three will work in a more poly type of relationship. The sex scene wasn’t that great and I felt could have been much better. I have read some really great sex scenes, even for free books. I felt that I couldn’t wait for it to be over and it was just uncomfortable. Not so much uncomfortable because I am a prude (I mean, just give a scroll through some of the erotica I have read or listened to and you will know and understand that I will read or listen to just about any book…smut or not.) I just thought this was more on the trash side, and not the good kind of trash.

Sometimes my boyfriend will say things like “you and your books” after our own sexytimes, because that is what “those books” should elicit out of it’s readers, and this book did nothing of the sort. If an erotic book cannot make a reader feel tingly inside, even in 12 pages (let’s face it, porn mag ‘articles’ are shorter), then maybe a re-work and re-wording of the story should be considered.


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