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Fifty Shades of Jezebel and the Beanstalk


Rating: 4 stars

At first I felt that Jezebel was very whiny, but she grows on you during the book. The narrator has a weird nasally voice that was really hard to get used to.

This book was complete opposite of Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland, and I enjoyed it more. I found it entertaining that during Jezebel’s date at the beginning of the book that she assumes all of her date’s negative qualities will transfer to how he is in bed. I might be breaking some hidden girl code by saying this next tidbit, but women really do think like that when on dates. If during a date, you come off as self-absorbed, women will automatically categorize you as a selfish lover that will never be able to meet our needs. Then you will have no chance in hell.

Women enjoy sex too. Maybe they don’t all know it yet, or wont admit it, but when we look at our date, we wonder what kind of lover they will make. So be mindful of how you come across, we pay attention.

One thing I enjoy about this author is that she likes to insert a lot of pop culture into her books, as if the characters take time from the story and speak to the reader directly. One of the references made in the book was to Christian Grey and how overpriced the 50 Shades series was. They then went on to state that there were plenty of “panty dripping erotica” for less than $3.00 on the Kindle…which is the truth, this story included.

 During her date at the beginning of the story, after a few minutes, every couple began pleasuring each other in some way. When the waiter would chat with her about how often he saw her here on boring dates, he questioned her if she was happy. In their conversation, I liked how the author referenced a previous book by having Jezebel explain that she liked the erotic version of Alice in Wonderland (Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland).

This book has a lot of slapstick humor and puns. They come very cheesy and casual. For example:

She very much wanted to go to a party. Especially Since this was supposed to be erotica and she hadn’t gotten laid yet..

It is almost like the characters know they are a part of the story. I think Jezebel is someone you can easily connect to. I think her promise to herself that she wouldn’t have sex with someone unless there was mutual affection and feelings is admirable. I think it is safe to say, majority of us have made similar promises to ourselves at some point in life.

During Jezebel’s journey she learned different things. She learned that mutual appreciation is more than affection and feelings. Jezebel liked one of the first characters she met, Robin, but he stated he wasn’t boyfriend material, and yet she still slept with him and became upset when he did not change his mind. During Pan’s party, Jezebel realized she was selfish. She was always thinking about what men could do for her, and never thought about what she could do for them.

Jezebel had a lot of growth in this story. Aside from being a humorous erotica novella, there was a story and message hidden underneath. Jezebel becomes selfless on a quest to rid a character she had grown fond of from a curse that was placed on him many years ago. Because this novel is erotica, the quests and trials she faced were sexual in nature, but you can tell Jezebel is changing in her personal, non sexy life, to become a better woman and potential partner.

Within 70 pages of smut, you discover all this. Jezebel also discovers that happiness and arousal comes from within. Moral of the story? Only when they needed each other, would a relationship truly work.

The sex scenes were interesting. I liked that Jezebel wasn’t as naive as Alice in Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland. I didn’t feel like I was listening just to finish the book. Jezebel wasn’t as annoying. So that is a big plus.

If you are looking for a well thought out book with a huge story line and a lot of hidden story lines, I would pass this book over. But if you are looking for a quick read that is entertaining and different, then pick this one up at some point.


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