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The Paper Magician


Rating: 4 Stars

Narrator Rating: 5 Stars

I first received this book through the Kindle First program but decided to listen to it instead….WONDERFUL idea!

Historical fiction is sometimes hit or miss for me, but this is definitely a hit! McFadden’s delivery captured me from the very beginning. Ceony was annoying until she finally let go of her anger about being forced into paper magic. I understand her sorrow/anger/aggravation, I’m not sure that I would’ve chosen paper magic either. That’s why she was forced.

I totally have a crush on Magician Emory Thane. If this were a movie I think Ian Somerholder would be a perfect fit.

I think Ceony was a little harsh on her quick clouded judgment on Thane and it was a nice bittersweet moment for her when she realized it and questioned how often had she done it before (because she was wrong)/

I gave this book 4 stars because, without giving too much away, I’m not sure what purpose the bulk of the book served. The specific chapters regarding when Ceony was trapped inside of Thane’s heart. I only see three purposes it served:

1) She developed a greater understanding and respect for Thane
2) A few spells she learned that helped her defeat Lira
3) How Lira became the way she is

Other than those reasons, it served no purpose. And it took up A LOT of chapters.On the flip side, it was nice to learn more about Thane.

The ending was feel-good and expected. But it was one of the few times that “expected” worked. Usually I am not a fan of too predictable of an ending. In this case, I was anxious to see how it played out to get to the ending.

I started this book with a smile and I ended it with a smile. It was magical, heart warming (sometimes heart breaking). with a dash of romance (but not romance at the same time…more of a heart opening experience). I am looking forward to the rest of this trilogy. The characters are lovable, they experience growth when growth is expected.

Amy McFadden was EXCELLENT in her delivery. Every voice and emotion was spot on. She elevated the experience of this story to a whole other level. She puts you into the scenes with Ceony. You experience Ceony’s journey like you are by her side the whole time.


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