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It’s a Pandy thing.


My rating: 4 stars


I received this book for my honest review

My overall impressions of this book was that it is cute for the target age group.

Tony Pandy, the main character, is a bit selfish, self absorbed, sarcastic, mean and a bit on the jerk side. As the story develops, Tony also develops. At first, Tony’s behavior frustrated me. But as the story unfolds and you see how sad of a life Tony truly has, it makes sense. Tony is really sick, wheel chair bound, and not many years of life left.

Tony’s “father” died and Tony did not want to go to the funeral. In fact, Tony never went outside. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t get down the stairs in his wheelchair because there was no wheel chair ramp in the house. Further, it had been years since Tony even saw his own mother. They communicated via intercom in the house.

My favorite character was Hawes. I was so sad when Hawes was fired. I am curious about his background though…but Hawes showed Tony that not everyone is in his life for the money. Hawes genuinely wants to help Tony. How did Tony repay Hawes? Tony tricked Hawes into believing Tony’s mother approved of an outing. The end result? Tony’s oxygen tank depleted and he ended up in the hospital.

This story really is an underdog story. There isn’t ever really a slow moment. There is a lot of growth, a lot of “mysteries” to be solved and gaining a life worth staying alive for.

My one issue is that I felt it just kind of ended. I believe this is a series book? If not, the ending left me wanting. I am okay with happy endings, or bad endings that I didn’t want to happen, I just need an ending! I am curious about what Assignment Two is and am looking forward to reading when it is released! Aside from being asked for my honest review of the book, even though Mr. Lundqvist’s grass needs mowed, he really needs to finishGang of Sleuths. The grass can be mowed later!

If you have middle grade kids, this is definitely a fun little read.


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