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My rating for Wallbanger by Alice Clayton: 4.5 out of 5!

Romantic fiction is not usually my cup of tea. In fact, romance in books in general, have never been my cup of tea. I first found Wallbanger months ago. I saw it sitting their on the shelf of New Romance at Barnes and Noble. I glanced at the back cover, thought to myself, I might have to give this a try. I placed the book back into its spot and moved forward to the aisle I was really there for. I passed by and looked at this book on 4 different occasions (because I have a SERIOUS book addiction…but I do read what I buy…eventually). I even checked out on Goodreads what others thought about it (I typically ignore this because of spoilers, or that I am afraid other people’s thoughts will cloud my judgment and ultimately my enjoyment from the book). I found, after the first few reviews, that people typically enjoyed this book, that it was full of wit and sultry spice! Finally, I bought the book.

From the very beginning of this book, I was captivated. I found myself laughing loudly (the kicker being I was in public) throughout  the first couple chapters of this book. I read the first half of this book within a couple of hours. I had to literally pull the book out of my hands to get work done.

The downfall to most romantic novels to me, is usually the sex scenes (like 50 Shades of Grey…gag) because they are horribly written and make it awkward and uncomfortable. Clayton, however, did not do this. I felt while reading the flirtations, sexual tensions, and ultimately the sexual encounters, it was legitimately believable. Caroline, who is 26, and Simon, who is 28, were both believable in their roles of this particular story. Their interactions, witty banter, down to their lifestyles, were what you find typically in this age range. Another thing that really made me like this book, she used ACTUAL words to describe what was happening. Not other terms that are not usually used to refer to any other part on the body (like ‘my sex’…who says that anyways?! one that is who…especially 23 year old virgins…I am just saying) or leaving my imagination to do the rest. Clayton makes you feel what her characters are feeling from their point of view.

So why 4.5 stars? As refreshingly amazing as this book was, I felt it took too long to get to the point. Though it was nice to see the budding friendship/relationship, I felt that some parts were a played out a little too long. I did enjoy some chapters beginning with a lot of sexual talking, and then you realize they are actually eating meatballs. This happened on more than one occasion and I found myself laughing loudly. This book left me with that real, warm, happy feeling inside. I smiled the entire time I read this book. I was even more delighted to know that this is a series, with the next two books coming out this year….however, only 1 of the next 3 books have the characters Caroline and Simon, but it will do I suppose.

I do suggest this book, even if romance is not your cup of tea. I was pleasantly surprised and I think I might have to be brave and step outside of my genre comfort zone a bit more often, or maybe not, I guess it depends 🙂 But for anyone whose O mysteriously went missing, this treasure hunt sure was fun!

* Note* For those of you just joining in on the fun, I don’t usually include a ‘summary’ as I think the “back of the book” suffices enough. I don’t like giving out spoilers if I don’t have to. I enjoy reading, and I enjoy telling others what my thoughts of the book are. I can give a book report, but where is the fun in that? I am all about discovering the fun for myself. I like to know how a book makes someone feel, the passion it can illicit, the imagination at play…that is what I look for in a review, so this is what I try to give in return!


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