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The Auction

By Maggie Cole

Rating: 2 Stars

Look, I finished this book a couple of days ago. And I have needed that time to process what I read and how I feel about it. I have like one trigger, and this did not hit it. BUT, there is something about this specific trope that grinds my gears. I literally believe 50 Shades is one of THE WORST BDSM BOOKS out there, and The Auction kept giving me the same feels. Hear me out

  • Super naïve FMC
  • Dom who is aggressively in control with zero respect for the lack of knowledge FMC has
  • FMC thinks she can change Dom to not be a Dom anymore because he must be broken (which he is)
  • Dom uses his trauma as a means to his control (without ever addressing it)
  • Dom gaslights and is abusive and toxic.
  • FMC just sucks. Like she just isn’t it

Also, to go further with it- these two acted like children. The Club should have stepped in. And then sending videos of her and pictures of her to HER FATHER to goad the man…like…seriously? I get it is a book. So this is my personal opinion, but he was always out of control around her. He broke all of his rules. This relationship seriously sucks. AND to top it off….he is so careful and meticulous in his dealings with her father, that he goes off and marries her and names a WING after her (with her name and married name) in a charity, like HER PARENTS WONT FIND OUT.

I can’t go on to book 2, but there is a cliffhanger. I read some of the spoilers, and it appears to be what I expected. Again, this was not my cup of tea, but it seems to have some decent ratings, so it is clearly for some. I love a good BDSM book, this just missed the mark for me, and I could not look past this kind of abuse and toxicity. It is very dangerous for a Sub and a Dom.