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The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy


The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy by Red Phoenix

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

Actual Rating: 3.5 stars


I want to start out by saying I LOVE Red Phoenix. If you want a great, erotic read, I ALWAYS recommend Red Phoenix. I believe The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy may be among her first novelettes (I read them all together in one book). Being a lover of Red Phoenix, it is easy to tell this is some of her earlier work.

When I first purchased this book, I was under the impression that it would be Amy and Troy’s erotic adventures together much like Brie and Sir’s adventures, however, I was disappointed to learn that it was actually about to people who love each other, but life seems to prevent them from being together. The Erotic Adventures are Amy and Troy’s separate adventures with various partners and the occasional chapter of Amy and Troy together.

Many of Amy’s erotic adventures left me needing a cold shower to cool down! They were spicy and erotic for sure. I wish the sexual relationship between Amy and Troy were as hot as their exploits. You can love someone passionately and have some heat in the bedroom. My other major complaint is that on the back of the cover it states “Can love survive the day Amy loses all her memories of her longtime love Troy Dawson?” The last 40 pages (of 267 pages) were about the incident which caused Amy to lose her memories. I felt that the scenes with Brad and New Troy were rushed but it was also easy to tell they were being deceptive in their information they were giving. It could have been made more clear that they were trying to win her over in her current state. And while I am at it, shame on them for doing that to Amy!!! I was excited to get a glimpse into the early Brad Anderson, and he was delicious in this story as he is in the Submission series. I do wish that he had bigger roles, or longer part in the story. For as much sex and story line as there was, some of the relationships were not as developed and it could be confusing. Especially feelings that were being tossed around.

At the end of the day, I did enjoy this book and read it fairly quickly. There were parts that made me smile, happy, wanted to punch someone, and again happy. My biggest wish is that it focused more on Amy and Troy together and not separate.

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Keeper of the Wolves

I received these books from the author in exchange for my honest review 🙂

Red Phoenix is one of my favorite authors…She pushes the envelope. I recommend her Brie Learns the Art of Submission to everyone…I loved meeting Red Phoenix at the RT Book Lovers Convention!!! She is so wonderful, and I love that she gifted me with this box set to review for her. I am happy to read and review anything and everything she writes.

As a warning, this is erotica. This series is described as edgy and boundary pushing. I do not advise it to anyone who has delicate sensibilities and cannot stomach or handle anything outside of a vanilla sexual encounter.

The following reviews are really snippet reviews. Each of these books are not really more than 100 pages. I read all three in one sitting.

Goodreads rating: 4 stars

I had a hard time “swallowing” Valen. I didn’t like him from the start, it honestly didn’t matter what his intentions were…I didn’t like him. I also felt the Bonding Ritual could have been a bit longer and more detailed 😉 This story is a fairly quick read and introduces the series/story line/plot as a whole. It introduces you to the main characters you see often in the following stories. It explains the components of the Bonding Ritual after the previous “Keeper” was killed by a snake. Layla, the new Keeper, must come to terms that she is a virgin going into the Bonding Ritual, not knowing any components as it is supposed to be kept secret from everyone in the clan for safety purposes. Her father, who was one of the four alphas, had to step down and appoint an alpha in his place. This book takes Layla from a child and shows the beginning of true strength as a leader. Compared to the other two books, this one is my least favorite.

Goodreads Rating:  5 stars

In this installment, Layla is offered a choice…she can marry a wolf from another clan and leave her role as a Keeper (which her father wants her to) or she can accept her role as the Keeper and marry her archenemy Valen.

I started softening up to Valen in this story, though to be honest I was rooting for her rescue suitor, but that would be the end of the series….

I enjoyed the sex scenes in this installment more than the first installment. I felt like there was more connection between Layla and the 4 Alphas during the Bonding Rituals.

Finally, I liked that there was a build up of tension. In the first book, it was center entirely around the first Keeper’s death and Layla ascending to the role for her pack. In this installment, the reader starts to see tension in outside packs and real conflict between Layla beyond losing her virginity. Layla really started coming into herself in this installment.


Goodreads Rating: 5 stars


In this installment, the conflict occurs. Reader beware, there is a cliffhanger.

I don’t want to give too much away, anything would be spoilers. I liked that Layla really got to show how strong she was in this installment. She became a woman, not just an 18 year old girl. I thought the characters each really got to show their growth and their strengths.

I need book 4 immediately!!!!!!! Which sucks, because I can’t give it away with out spoiling :((((

I really loved Valen in this book. I think him and Layla have grown the strongest character-wise. I think their relationship really sparked, compared to the first book when she hated him with every ounce of her being.

I also like how the other 3 Alphas were concerned (small spoiler) about the disappearance of their Keeper and that they searched for her and not find a new Keeper, especially with her disappearance right at a full moon and the 4 Alphas’ Bonding Ritual.