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Heat Clinic

by Alexis B Osborne

Rating: 5 Stars

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

I am a little late in my review, because I thought I reviewed this book earlier this month when I had finished it. Oops 😦

I am a huge fan of Omegaverse books. I really enjoyed this Heatverse book. One of the things I loved the most were each of the characters and how they fit like missing puzzle pieces. If I am honest, the Heat Clinic in this book sounds super lovely compared to some of the heat clinics in other books by other authors. Sign me up!

This book has all of the spice very early on and maintains that spiciness all the way through to the end. Sam is probably one of my favorite betas ever. We all need a Sam in our life. I also really like that it centers around an older omega. It felt easier to connect because I felt like her (Emily) before and just kind of giving up on finding that happy ever after.

I highly recommend this book! It is very well written and includes so much laughter and happiness. There really isn’t any angst. Its pure spice and love.

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Secrets and Seductions

by SK Reign

5 Stars

First, I want to start this by saying, I read the prequel first, Omega’s Secret, so I felt better going into this story. Second, I want to point out that for a lot of the reason’s people rated this book low, are reasons I rated this book so high. So let me explain 🙂

One of the things I really liked about this book were ALL THE DAMN SECRETS and I kept finding myself thinking…if they would just communicate…they just need to communicate. But I still liked watching it play out. I have read A LOT of Omegaverse that want their omegas pure, won’t let their omegas have their own thoughts, want them entirely submissive etc etc. In most of them, shoot, one book I read the Omega was SA’d by an alpha and got pregnant outside of heat, and it was one of my favorite Omegaverse I have read. And SHE WAS SHUNED BY HER FAMILY. She was blamed for it. It is not far fetched to believe that the Omegas in the Bonds of Steele Omegaverse do not get a fair shake. Violet and her sisters undergo years of mistreatment and oppression, so her reactions make sense to me. As a social worker, I have seen this in real life with clients. So, again, this behavior from not only Violet, but all the guys, do not seem that far of a stretch and I love them all for that.

I did find the new take (at least new to me) on the fact that she got pregnant by another Omega to be interesting. I do hope at some point that gets explored more. I do feel this book opens a lot of possibilities for other more progressive stories to follow Violet and her Pack. Hoping to learn more as we go. I liked all of their secrets and how it affected everyone’s decisions over time. It is almost like you could feel their collective release of breath when they finally let all the weight off.

The story definitely includes some spice once Violet lets herself go with these alphas and continues through the rest of the book. It probably starts around 50-60% of the book. Up until then it is slow, but heated.

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Omega Alliance

By SK Reign

5 Stars

This book was just published. I missed sleep and dreamt about it when it was through. Pretty sure my brain subconsciously saved Dani, but I digress.

One of the things I liked about Omega Alliance was the freshness it brought. Now, for the amount of Omegaverse I have read, I haven’t quite read one like this, so that is what I am going off of. I like this dystopian aspect to it in that Omegas were dying off…so the Omega Alliance basically stole an Omega and make her the “people’s omega.” Packs can bid on what she wears, what activities she does, what she eats, everything about her life, and they can just watch her on screen. And then she is stolen.

Sin is so broken. She has been beaten and made to feel like she is nothing. When she is rescued, she is frightened even more now. While in captivity for all to see, people made choices for her. Now she is being made to make choices for herself for the first time since she can remember, and it makes her more terrified than just being a prisoner.

The book ends on a cliffhanger, but the second book comes out in March! So you do not have to wait long! It is a fairly quick read, at least I felt it was. I like SK’s writing style. I hope to see Sin grow into herself more, and based on the cliffhanger, I think we are going to see this Omega really shine in the next book. I can’t wait!

As far as spice goes, it is kind of low on the spice. There are some scenes, but not much. The Pack really tries to give Sin her space to figure herself out. Any kind of pleasure while imprisoned as the People’s Omega were always forced upon her, so there is not a rush.

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Pack Darling: Part One

By Lola Rock, Narrated by Troy Duran and Kelsey Navarro

5 Stars/Narration 5 Stars

Have you ever experienced a story that you just fell in love with so much, you dont even know where to start your review? That is where I am right now. I finished this book SEVERAL days ago, and I still think about, and still think how it ended and what is going to happen next…impatiently waiting to get my hands on Part Two. But here I am….staring at the computer wondering how do I even start?

Firstly, I am a huge fan of Omegaverse. Not really sure how I got here, but I did….and reverse harem/why choose Omegaverse is my favorite kind of everything. I find that Omegaverse, while the underlying premise is the same, can be very different from one author and series to another. For me, Lilah Darling brought all of my favorite things. She is a strong Omega, because she has had to be from years of abuse she has endured. While she recognizes first thing that the pack is her fated mates, because they already have an Omega, she does not want to overstep and tries to make herself unknown/unseen/unheard. Lilah was not given a choice. Ever. She was dumped off at an Omega boarding school, beaten by other jealous Omegas, mistreated and starved by staff, racking up the debt she will have to pay off or a pack will have to pay off….all while trying to hide her Omega awakening, which she puts herself through even more abuse. So when she is essentially gaslighted into joining an all male pack with a male omega…she signs the contract begrudgingly.

I loved every single one of the men of the Wyvern pack. They are all so broken and just trying to keep being strong. None of them can or are truly giving Orion (the male omega) what he needs because their claim on him came without any real clearance or discussion. Lilah shook things up, even when she didn’t intend to. Watching the story come together was perfection.

I am generally not a fan of bully romances, but I felt it appropriate here. While I NEVER find bullying appropriate…if you read or listen, it will make sense. The packs dads forced all of this on each other, and no one ever communicated with each other, and everything was taken out on Lilah, who shouldered it like a DAMNED QUEEN. I liked watching the growth and spark and fizzle. Definitely ends on a cliffhanger! So be ready for the other one quickly.

This story includes MM action…which is the only action in this Part. The narrators were great. They did this story so much justice and made it that much more enjoyable. It is dark and twisty, and Lilah proves she is worth it if everyone would just give her the chance she deserves. I would consider this a slow burn romance, while there are some spicy scenes, it does not include Lilah since she is not considered pack.