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Secret Santa


Secret Santa by Sabrina James

Goodreads Rating: 5 stars

Secret Santa has been on my To Reads list since last year. I decided to give this book a go as I have been in a winter/Christmas read mood. I read all 368 pages of this book in one day. I could not put it down.

The theme of this book is unique, and though I have not read many Christmas books in the past, I feel it is very original and entertaining. The story takes place during a one week period at North Ridge High School. A memo is passed out indicating that the school would participate in a Secret Santa and the big reveal would be that Friday at the big Christmas dance. The story follows the point of view of multiple students, each who are excited for the opportunities it brings. This story brings about new relationships, realizations, destruction of friendships, and all the high school drama none of us  miss.

The character I liked least was Noelle. She lives next door to her childhood love. She draws his little brother, who is the same age as Noelle, as who she will be Secret Santa to. Noelle takes it upon herself to leave little gifts for the brother that she loves and gets upset when friends point out that what she is doing isn’t healthy.

This is a Christmas romance, new relationships form by the end as each character learns more and more about their secret crushes/Santas. There are a lot of twists by the end and I was happy with every single one of them. This is all-in-all, a very cute read that does not take long. If you love Christmas as much as I do, you will surely enjoy this book as well!

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North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus


North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus by Candace Jane Kringle (aka Candycane Claus)

This story follows along Candycane Claus’ Junior year at North Pole High. Candy is one of the popular kids, dating the cutest guy, having the most powerful father, and being the one teen who is expected to have the utmost amount of Christmas cheer at ALL times.

But Candy is 16. She is going through changes. Her father, the head honcho, Santa Claus himself, should be able to handle his baby girl growing up right? Only those of us who live in the “inbetween” of the poles experience fathers who can’t accept their only baby girl dating boys right? Only the inbetweener fathers can be blinded by rage and misplaced judgment right? Nope!! Candycane Claus goes head to head with her father in this story of love, betrayal, and growing up.

Sometimes, the words that are used in the book to describe things are a bit much. Though, I do like the phrase “he is so hot chocolate” when describing the looks of the boys in the school. Other than that, it can sometimes be a little much.

I did enjoy this book, and I got a little teary at the end when Santa realized he was a jerk and almost ruined Christmas for EVERYONE in the world!

I don’t think I will give any more than that. If you decide to give it a look, be mindful that it is written from a “16 year old boy crazy” girl’s perspective and you have to place yourself in that mindset. It was the perfect Christmas love story for the holidays!