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Soulmated by Shaila Patel

Goodreads rating: 5 Stars


I received a copy of Soulmated from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid for this review. These opinions are my own.


Soulmated is the story about an Empath (someone who is often sensitive and affected by the energy or emotions of others around them) prince, Liam, who is on a quest to find The One in which he will become Soulmated with. The two would then become very powerful in the Empath community, of which there are MANY in the Council and even Elders who are leary of Liam finding a Soulmate because of the power the couple will have. Liam is searching for a female who his dad has visions about, someone on the cusp of becoming an Empath herself. Which leads him to a small town in North Carolina, where he meets Laxshmi, or,  “Lucky.” The two go on one hell of an adventure which takes the reader on a wild and emotional ride.

This book will literally steal your heart and capture your soul. This book left me so hungover, I felt like a junkie desperately searching for my next fix. This book left me so shattered, I couldn’t breathe, see, or think after I finished. The last time I felt this raw after a book was when I read I’m Still Here in 2014.

The story is very beautifully written, making the reader feel every raw emotion. It was such an easy read, but didn’t feel “simple” at all. I like to do most of my ratings on how I feel or connect with a book, and this book just sucked me in. I was a goner from the very beginning. It is one of those stories I want everyone to read because it is so great, but also want to keep it all to myself like a jealous lover (I will rip off a ladybug’s wings, I swear it, I will) afraid to let anyone else close.

This book can be enjoyed by high school and older. It is a young adult, but does not feel “kiddish” like some young adult books can come off like. I didn’t find myself frustrated with Lucky and her constantly wallowing in her head. I think Patel really wrote the story in such a way that it didn’t put the story down because the character couldn’t stop questioning every little action….because of what Lucky was experiencing, it made the constant self-doubt very understandable and acceptable. I loved reading the changes in Liam as he grew towards Lucky. I equally loved reading how Lucky really came into herself.

I LOVED Lucky’s mom…I know Lucky and her mom are constantly at war with each other, but I really enjoyed her. My one real qualm with the book is the Indian terminology used, not because there were Indian terms in it, but because for majority of the terms used, I had no idea what it was and my Kindle would not translate it, or would give a translation to some other word that I knew was not correct because it wouldn’t fit with the sentence. There also was not a dictionary of those terms that I could find in the book, which may have been helpful, especially because they appeared to be slang terms. I didn’t knock down the rating for this primarily because I didn’t feel like not knowing the terms took away from the story. Some of the words were types of endearment, and some were directed towards people, but I didn’t understand why, and that was mainly it.

So, as a recap….find the book Here on Amazon and give it a go!!!! Seriously!!

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I’m Still Here

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My rating: 5 stars

I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. This is my honest review.

There will be a minor spoiler at the end of this review. Just throwing it out there.

I was super excited when I found out that I had won this book. It is one book that I truly wanted and wanted badly. The whole premise just sounded spot on. Kathryn Biel delivered.

Esther has this sense of humor that is completely relatable. I enjoyed every interaction she had with Kingston. Their banter was spot on. My heart broke for Esther having a family that didn’t want her. Who couldn’t care less about her. My heart hurt for her for having a twin sister that just suddenly disappeared. Esther tried moving on with her life as if Aster was dead, because she truly thought she was.

Like you can read in other Goodreads reviews, I laughed throughout this book. I cried. I was angry. I was in shock. My heart literally hurt. I got so anxious that I had to read faster and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t read any faster than I was. This was truly a phenomenal read. I am glad I got to go on the journey with Esther. (Spoiler)–I wish she retained her memory, but I am glad that her and Kingston were able to further their relationship and she let him and that he was man enough to stay when everything happened. Some men that would have scared off. It was nice to see a nice strong male lead so deserving a strong woman. Esther had everything I want in a female protagonist. She is strong. She is independent. She is witty. She is relatable. She has strength when everyone around her is barely holding on. She has perseverance like I haven’t seen in a character. She just keeps moving, keeps going forward, keeps doing what she has to do to keep her head above water. When she finally drowns, the family she never had, rescues her and gives her the will to keep going.

I highly recommend this book to pretty much everyone! It was so good. I read it all in one sitting. I was left just…feeling. I wasn’t even sure how to write this review. It was a moving story and I will definitely be seeking out more of Biel’s works.