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Rebel Spring


Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

Goodreads rating: 5 stars

When I read a series, and it has been a while between books, I find it hard to write a review. So I like to look at the previous book’s review to see why I felt a particular way for one book and how I felt with the new book. The Falling Kingdoms series, thus far, has been a good read. It can sometimes be confusing, because multiple stories are going on at the same time. A few of the main characters each tell about different situations that happened to them and eventually by the end of the book, all stories and characters come full circle and connect together.

If you like The Game of Thrones and want a book series in a similar genre, The Falling Kingdoms would be a good start. In the very first book, a murder occurred within a few pages. It set the tone for the entire book which ended in more blood, some interestingly sketchy and unexpected love triangles, some more death and a whole lot of betrayal. So, after finishing the first book with a bang, I had similar expectations for book 2. Let me say, it delivered. There was even more betrayal, more blood, and more death. Like GoT, do not get too attached to characters, they have a bad habit of dying. The story continued, multiple perspectives going on and eventually leaving you feeling even more confused, emotionally distraught and somewhat hopeful. Due to how both books ended, I am reluctant, nervous and excited all rolled into one to finish this series out. Rebel Spring has been my favorite book by far. There was a significant amount of character growth for ALL characters. A lot of questions were answered, however, more questions needing answers filled that gap.

The kicker to this series? It is classified as a YA series…seriously. I have read quite a bit of YA in my life, and I only recall reading one other series that surprised me as being YA (Cate Tiernan’s Sweep series).


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