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In The Heart of the Blizzard


In The Heart of the Blizzard by R Scott

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars

Audible Rating: 2 stars

I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via

One of my favorite kinds of movies or fantasies, was the one where the male/female character got lost in the wilderness and stumbled upon the lone house of the other character. I am not sure why that has always been my ideal fantasy or favorite storyline, but I always felt an author could go any direction with this start as their base. In the case of In The Heart of the Blizzard, R. Scott took it a different direction than I was expecting. The ending left me with a WTF look on my face for a while. Writing this review, I still have a WTF look on my face.

The story was okay. I thought the sex scene could have been steamier. I think my issue that really ruined it or dampened what the story could have been was the narrator. I think someone with a sexier voice would have done this story more justice.

This was a quick listen, and I appreciate the author giving me the opportunity to listen to it for my honest and unbiased review. That ending is still a shocker! I can’t even.

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The Flame is HOT


The Flame by Christopher Rice

Goodreads Rating: 4 stars

THIS is how you write a book that is MMF! Just going to put that out there. It made the sex scenes sexy and HOT. The book was well written and it made me super excited to start into this series!

I received this book for free from Christopher RIce at the RT Book Lovers Convention when my mother and I were having a lunch break. Mr. Rice happened to be having a lunch break in the same little cafe and my mom asked across the little diner style eatery and asked if he was a writer or reader. He stated he was a writer and then gave me an autographed copy of the prequel, The Flame, and the first book, The Surrender Gate, from his Desire Exchange Series.

I read The Flame pretty quickly. I found the storyline interesting and fresh. I liked the idea of a candle meant to catch your inner most desire and to provide you with that desire. I lived in New Orleans and worked just outside of the French Quarter and never once new of this little pop up Candle Store, so that was the only disappointment for me with this story.

I felt the interactions were sexy and believable. I think the dynamic of the friendships were interesting and well thought out. I like when romance and sexytimes are believable and most importantly HOT. What I also liked about this story, is that at no point, did they try to make another in this trio uncomfortable. They knew who would flake out and run, and did their best to keep tensions low and slow to keep everyone in a safe, comfortable bubble while they were trying to figure out what happened with this candle!

Loved it!

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Dinner for Three


Dinner for Three by Neneh Gordon

Goodreads Rating: 1 star

This book. I am not even quite sure where to start with this book. Basically, Julie’s two boyfriends are going to meet for the very first time in order to see if the three will work in a more poly type of relationship. The sex scene wasn’t that great and I felt could have been much better. I have read some really great sex scenes, even for free books. I felt that I couldn’t wait for it to be over and it was just uncomfortable. Not so much uncomfortable because I am a prude (I mean, just give a scroll through some of the erotica I have read or listened to and you will know and understand that I will read or listen to just about any book…smut or not.) I just thought this was more on the trash side, and not the good kind of trash.

Sometimes my boyfriend will say things like “you and your books” after our own sexytimes, because that is what “those books” should elicit out of it’s readers, and this book did nothing of the sort. If an erotic book cannot make a reader feel tingly inside, even in 12 pages (let’s face it, porn mag ‘articles’ are shorter), then maybe a re-work and re-wording of the story should be considered.

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Taint by S.L. Jennings

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars

I had high hopes for this book. I believe it held a lot of promise. I can tell you, I didn’t quite see that ending coming!

When I first received this book at the RT Booklovers Book Convention in May, I was pretty excited. The cover was absolutely delish, the story line looked pretty interesting and it became one of the first books from the convention that I cracked open, aching to get into it!

Let’s get to the first point, and this may have been wrong of me…okay it was wrong of me….but I compared it sort of with the School for Submissives Brie attended in Red Phoenix’s Brie Learns the Art of Submission. Let’s face it, based on the description, a bunch of women that are not good lovers, are sent away to a secluded area where they learn to become AMAZING lovers that their hubbys can’t get enough of, sounds like it could be somewhat similar, am I right? So I feel that it was a legitimate jump…well, it wasn’t. So if you have read Brie, don’t make that connection. Because it is not.

Second point, I am still trying to figure out the obsession Justice had with Ally. Maybe I missed it completely. I feel like her character wasn’t fully built up to the amazingness that Justice was seeing. As a reader, it is important that comes across. Based on the little doozy at the end…if that is the reason he is obsessed with her, that is a bunch of crap and I will remove a star. Which, I am sure that has a FRACTION, because he does know who everyone’s husbands are, but if that is the SOLE reason, done…star is gone. I want to think that there was something spectacular about Ally that just wasn’t translating. I know she was pretty “real” based on the little bit of information that was given, but the author never really fully dove into Ally, or Justice for that matter. Justice was all “mysterious” and “brooding” and you didn’t really learn who he was until the end, and then you just felt sorry for him, but he was still sexy and his backstory  wasn’t any different than what happens OFTEN within that community. I wanted to tell him to put his big girl panties on and deal with it! It could have been worse. Get a therapist.

The final point I want to make about this story is that it just took way too long to get to the point. By the time anything significant happened, there was about 50 pages left to the story. And I believe I am being generous and significantly rounding up. That might have been when they first had sex. (Spoiler!) I normally stop reading a book by the 4th chapter if nothing significant has happened yet. I have read books where in the first 10 pages there were at least 3 deaths! (Not GoT either!) So, when a book is 219 pages and it takes almost 170 pages to actually get anywhere in the story? I am not sure why I kept trucking through! I guess because I knew at SOME point, it was going to hit the fan, and I HAD to be a part of it! And it HIT the fan hard! I didn’t quite see that ending, but I guess it was expected.

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Taken by the Minotaur


Taken by the Minotaur by Isabel Dare

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

I want to give a fair warning. If you are super conservative, against homosexuality, against any sort of non-straight laced erotica (not sure if that is a thing lol) or anything that it is outside of the box…don’t read any further. Thanks!

LMAO! Okay…I don’t read Gay erotica very often. And it is not because I am not a fan of it, I just have a hard time finding some that I can enjoy the way it seems a lot of other straight women seem to enjoy it (Though, I have found some!). Maybe it is just my taste. So I came across this particular free book. Seemed interesting enough…

Theseus basically volunteers to be a sacrifice in an attempt to stop a yearly sacrifice to the minotaur. The others being sacrificed are freed and Theseus sneaks through the labyrinth via the path that has been laid out for him where he goes into the minotaur’s lair. Upon reaching the lair, he discovers that the minotaur does not eat the sacrifices, but literally sexes them to death and since the other sacrifices are not there, the minotaur states that Theseus will have to take it all. So…basically…had this been a real legit story, based on sex scenes that occurred, the minotaur was so endowed, Theseus would have been broken. When I say broken, I mean, internal bleeding, broken jaw, broken everything. I think that is why I gave it a 3 stars. I felt that the story would have gone somewhere fun. For me, as gross as it sounds, but for comparison reasons, it would be like searching for YouTube videos of people attempting sexytimes with horses and finding and reading articles of horse sexytimes gone wrong. Because of the massive unlikeliness, I just couldn’t.

With that being said. I want to point out, I have no problem reading any kind of paranormal romance or erotica. It is not that I cannot separate fiction or enjoy fiction, because I enjoy it all the time. It was mainly the disproportionality that I have an issue with. It also takes away from the sexiness and funness from the story when the main character is raped and then begins suffering from Stockholm syndrome all in 22 pages!

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Goodreads Rating: 2 Stars (And I feel I am being pretty generous…)

(Part 1)
I wanted to complete this review as soon as I finished the book, instead of waiting a few days (or weeks…or months even) to collect my thoughts. I really wanted to enjoy this book, and though there were aspects that I did enjoy, there was just too much WRONG with this book.

First, no editor is perfect. Every now and then, an error may slip through the cracks, and that is okay. I usually chuckle and continue on. But there were a few times I found myself re-reading a sentence over again to make sure I read it correctly. I have a hard time accepting or liking a book in which grammatical errors get in the way of enjoying the story.

Second, the story was just okay. This entire series is going to be based on nothing but lies and sex. The tiny glimpse of the sex scene wasn’t bad. There was a slow buildup of heat between Emma and Conrad. I felt bad for Conrad and the trick his sister, Violet, and Emma were playing on him.

For the purpose that this review is over a short part of this book, the last point I will mention is that there was a lot of inner dialogue that was unnecessary and didn’t really add any benefits to the overall story. I found myself getting lost, re-reading or just skimming through. Skimming through some paragraphs didn’t take away from the overall story, which goes to show, since it neither added nor took away from the story, it wasn’t needed.

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Hunted By Herne


Hunted by Herne by Stella Inox

Goodreads rating: 3 Stars

I happened upon the second book in this series that was up for grabs for a review. So, I decided to read the first one so that maybe I could get my hands on a copy of the sequel. This book was a quick read and was very different. Herne the Hunter is a horned god of sorts in English Folklore.

Carin, a brilliant thief, prepared a job for weeks to get into a hidden vault in the basement of a museum. When she is finally able to crack the vault open, she sees a tree inside instead of the jewels and gold she had been hoping for. She goes in, and a golden collar is placed around her neck. As she continues walking through, Herne greets her. Herne is supposed to be gorgeous, Fae, loaded with the promise of sex until death. After some witty banter, wet panties, and Fae teasing, Herne explained that she was to run and he would catch her and kill her. He taunted her on this brief hunt. He chased her right up to his house. He convinced her to allow him to have his way with her until the sun came up, she did. The sex scene was pretty damn good to be honest. The next morning, he asked her to be his slave for the rest of her life. She eventually consented; she knew she was not getting out of this Otherworld ever.

I won’t give away the ending; you will have to experience that for yourself. I will warn you, it is a doozie.

I gave this book 3 stars because even though it was short, I felt there was too much emphasis on the beginning of the book in her preparations of robbing the museum vault and not other aspects of the story. I felt, as the title states Hunted, more would be included about the hunt. The hunt only lasted a chapter or two, followed by sex, sex and more sex, followed by an ending that will blow your brains out. A little more information and development on Herne would have been great as well. I felt like I knew Carin pretty well, but it was hard to understand Herne’s perspective aside from his arrogance and narcissism. Watching him taunt Carin wasn’t as fun when I didn’t know much about Herne to begin with. If you do know about English Folklore such as Herne, you may enjoy this book a little more. I just didn’t get it.

One last thing, I never usually judge cover art on a review, but that cover is just awkward. It looks like a bad photoshop of horns to a supposedly handsome man. If you read this book, the description of Herne does not match that cover. I found myself staring at it often trying to figure out what it was supposed to prove, show and why it was so awkward.

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Craving Her Biker


Craving Her Biker by Juniper Leigh

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars.

As I am sitting here thinking about how to write a review on this story, I realize that I don’t 100% remember much about the story; which leads me to wonder how in the world I gave it 3 stars. I believe the sex scene where her and her somewhat husband/ex/estranged lover are driving home from the hospital and they stop on the side of the road and he takes her right there…outside of the truck, with her bent over the driver’s seat. I think that is the one scene that made me give it a higher rating. This book was a quick read. Kind of boring, sometimes didn’t really understand what was going on or what was the purpose. It is the first in a series. Maybe in the next part more is clarified. There are a lot of holes and this story is in serious need of character and plot development.

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Teach Me Something New


Teach Me Something New pt 1 by Summer Olsen

Goodreads Rating: 3 stars

Currently, a really big trend in the romance genre is the subgenre of BDSM. Though this genre is not new, thanks to 50 Shades, this subgenre is getting more notice. Teach Me Something New Pt. 1 is no different in this trend.  It is a relatively Free short story, ends on a cliffhanger, making you purchase all of the other parts (which at this time I have not…). The whole premise of the story is Lucy is in Grad School. She decides to take a literature class as to observe and she meets the most delicious professor. She doesn’t take things seriously, talks out of turns, and berates other students. After class, she goes to the professor’s office; notices that the door is unlock and snoops around. She finds some BDSM type magazines in his desk drawer. This gets her wheels going, she begins fantasizing at home, and researching everything she can about BDSM and what it might be like. To make a short story shorter, Professor McDelicious starts taking notice in her, reading “smut” books she suggests, and then, to top it all off…he starts becoming her Dom…very slowly.

There weren’t any spectacular scenes. No smutty, slutty sexy scenes. Some spankings of course, because let’s face it, Lucy is NOT a good little girl, if you catch my drift. Through the story she is given “tests” and “Tasks.” The author slowly builds up a heat, but offers no release in this part. I will eventually get around to reading the others. I am hoping this story offers some promise and will deliver on the budding heat between Lucy and her delicious professor.

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Claiming Their Royal Mate, pt. 1


Claiming Their Royal Mate pt 1 by Andie Devaux

Narrated by Carly Robins

Goodreads rating: 3

Audible rating: 3.5 stars

Does anyone here share accounts with their parents? (Amazon Prime…Netflix…Audible?) Yes? Maybe you will understand my struggle. About a year ago, I got my mom ridiculously addicted to audiobooks. My mom loved books, but she never has time to sit and read them (which is funny because she will sit and listen to an 8 hour book in one session…) So, we started listening to some audiobooks together when we would drive to work (we carpooled). She buys audiobooks all the time on my account, and then tells me, she is enhancing my library. I believe my Audible Wishlist has roughly 22 pages. Do you know how many pages the books I want take up? 3. So, during a recent sale Audible had, I went looking for some books I wouldn’t mind giving a go. Claiming Their Royal Mate happened to be one of those books. I couldn’t remember placing this book on my list, and I figured given the subject matter, my mom was the one who did it. So I purchased it.

Now, I like a good shifter book, I am not sure why, but I love the sex appeal. It is a big reason that shifter paranormal books do so well in today’s market. What I don’t like, are somewhat confusing shifter books. A little information on this book: girl was adopted, girl grows into a woman, girl lives next door to guy and becomes friends, girl likes guy, guy suddenly starts to be an asshole, girl starts hating guy, girl suddenly has sexual urges she cannot resist, girl goes to guy and guy explains it is because she is a powerful alpha female and she is going through the “transition.” Girl doesn’t believe guy. Guy shows her he is a shifter. Guy feeds girl’s sexual needs. Girl falls in love with guy. Guy falls in love with girl but explains he cannot mate her because she is promised to alpha male in pack. Alpha male shows up. Alpha male notices that girl has been mated by guy. Alpha male wants to fight to the death for girl. Girl has none of this. The three of them come up with some bargain to share her (alpha male gets her for breeding since she is a purebred like himself). It is after all, for the good of the pack. Later, guy gets kidnapped. Book ends.

Now, I know I gave some spoilers, and I know this is “part 1,” however…predictable. Sexy scenes are what gave this story a higher rating. Narrator’s voice you had to get used to but once you do, it’s alright. So, why is it confusing? The book just didn’t make sense to me. I feel this story line is played out so much that there was nothing new added to this particular genre that hasn’t been done MULTIPLE times before. Will I continue on? Maybe if there is another sale or my mom buys the rest of the series…